Facilities & Technology

Belief in our hi-tech equipment


With our newly upgraded computer system, we endeavour to keep our clients updated regularly.

This includes:

To opt in our out of this service please call one of our receptionists who will update your preferences. If you need to update any of your contact details, please do not hesitate to get in contact with one of our receptionists. We contact our clients through both SMS and email.

We aim to provide the highest standard in healthcare and to do so we provide the highest standard of equipment:


Our branches all have separate Cat and Dog wards keeping the two species separate to avoid stress. The recovery rooms and kennels are bright, ventilated, warm and spacious areas.

We have isolation wards for animals with contagious concerns.

The kennels are all purpose built, keeping in mind your pets health and well being. They are insulated to keep our patients warm, protected and reduce noise during post operative recovery.

Heat pads are available and used in cases where extra warmth is needed for your pet.