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Case Studies

Cody - The Border Collie

Meet Cody!
He is a 4 year old blue Merle border collie.
Cody has been a hard dog to get to eat & get weight on, in fact he’d often refuse to eat but guests his food.
We finally got enough weight on him this summer & he was healthy enough to be neutered & has been a different dog ever since. He is a true success story for neutering & is now a lot calmer & more chilled out & is finally eating at every meal & putting weight on! He’ll always be a nervy boy I think that’s his personality but you have no idea the relief to have a dog regularly eat & put on weight! Helen was great with him/the decision to neuter/the eating!

Blue - 2016 Finalist in the National Cat Awards

Say Hi to Blue.
She was a rescue from your ware branch who saved her as a tiny kitten with a severe eye infection, we found out about her by chance whilst in with our other cat Mog & fell in love! She’s been my daughters best friend from the start & because she had to still stay in for a while at the vets we’d come visit with her & play “football” with a ping-pong ball which the staff had taught her!
In 2016 blue was a finalist in the National Cat Awards for being a great friend & companion to my daughter.
Blue is the sweetest, most loving cat ever! She’s everyone’s mum & regularly grooms all our dogs & cats & us!


Hello my name is Oscar, I am a Chinese Crested dog. 
This is my story about losing my leg.
My last owner gave me away because he trod on my foot and badly damaged it. 
I was so lucky that my new owners have their own veterinary group called Walton Lodge veterinary group.
They saved my life but unfortunately could not save my leg and it had to be removed.
I can now run and play with my best friend called Rupert, he is a poodle.
I'm so glad my new owners have insured me for any other procedures that could happen in the future.

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