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Animal Health

If your pet is already ill, we will administer rapid treatment, causing as little distress as possible. In many cases, regular check-ups can lead to detection and specific treatment of diseases in the early stages. We use only the best quality vaccinations, medicines, pain-relief, anesthetics and equipment to treat your pets.

We believe in preventative health care, and therefore advise that you keep your pet up-to date with annual vaccinations, worming and flea control. We recommend that you feed your pet with good quality food designed for the species and age of your pet.

If your pet requires an operation, we recommend a pre-operative blood test to check all the major organs are functioning efficiently prior to administering an anesthetic, especially for pets of seven years of age or above. This minimises any risks to your pet. We provide pain-relief prior to surgery to ensure your pet is in as little pain as possible, this lasts 24 hours post surgery. We routinely use Gold Standard anaesthetics, with patient monitoring by fully-trained Veterinary Nurses throughout your pet's operation. This ensures smooth inductions and rapid recovery times so your pet comes home bright and alert. This allows for minimal side-effects, which cause you and your pet less stress.

We use only the highest standard of sterility, including sterile gowns, masks, and hats.

We also routinely use intravenous catheters to enable the emergency administration of medication if necessary.

We recommend neutering your pets, unless you intend to breed from them. This prevents roaming, which can lead to fights and road accidents and prevents many illnesses later in life.

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Important Note Regarding Insurance:
We advise that you have your pet insured to give you peace of mind so that you will know that if your pet needs treatment you can afford to give him/her the best without worrying about the costs involved. We recommend that you take out lifetime insurance, so that they are covered for life in the case that they develop a long-term illness such as Diabetes, Arthritis or Heart problems. This will ensure that your pet is insured for life not just for one year as with cheaper policies.

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Registering your pet and booking an appointment has never been easier with our interactive Online Booking Scheme. Please note email requests are not checked outside of normal opening hours. For appointments within the next 24 hours, we ask that you call the practice during opening hours. In case of emergencies please telephone the practice immediately where you will be able to obtain appropriate advice.